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Every business benefits from having dedicated, on-call legal counsel.  Unfortunately, most businesses do not believe that they have the financial ability to do so, especially if they are going to be billed on the traditional hourly fee billing arrangement utilized by most law firms.  For a low monthly fee of as little as $1,000 per month, Prospective Legal will serve as your General Counsel. 

When you hire Prospective Legal as your General Counsel, we will conduct a thorough review of your formation documents, by-laws, partnership agreement and/or operating agreement, your minute books and insurance policies, and make recommended changes, revisions and/or updates.  Thereafter, we will act as your service agent, ensure that your minute books are kept up to date and in compliance with applicable law, review contracts, keep you up to date with changes in the law that relate to your business, respond to your legal questions, provide general legal counseling and assist with other routine legal matters.

Hiring Prospective Legal to serve as your General Counsel, provides you access to an entire legal department, and could be the single-most cost effective way to reduce your business’ risk of loss, and to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your contracts.

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