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The experienced Tulsa energy attorneys at Prospective Legal, a trusted Oklahoma energy law firm, are highly skilled energy transaction and litigation lawyers managing a variety of energy cases. The Tulsa energy lawyers offer extensive experience and knowledge in numerous areas of their Tulsa energy law client representation. The firm represents energy clients in federal and state matters and in federal and state courts with each client receiving the same high level of personalized legal service from members of the law firm and staff. This leading boutique energy law firm offers many, if not all, of the legal services needed and desired by their energy clients, in one location. The law firm is experienced in transactional matters and in the Oklahoma state court, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, the Oklahoma Supreme Court, federal district courts, federal circuit courts of appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

Energy law is a flourishing and diverse practice of law. With siting issues and regulations, the highly skilled Tulsa energy lawyer professionals with the firm approach their energy client’s needs with more than just legal advice along with their full understanding of:

  • Complexity of Oil and Gas and Hard Mineral Title Issues
  • Oil and Gas Lease Issues from the Perspectives of the:
    • Mineral Owner
    • Working Interest Owner
    • Overriding Royalty Interest Owner
    • Surface Owner Issues Related to Production of Oil and Gas and Hard Minerals
    • Oil and Gas Production Company Issues

Hydraulic fracturing and fracking in the Caney Shale and Woodford Shale have been a boon to this Oklahoma region’s economy. With the amount of money involved there will be challenges and disputes over:

  • Carried Interests
  • Division Orders
  • Drilling Contracts
  • Easements
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Farmout Agreements
  • Force Pooling Rights and Obligations
  • Fracking
  • Gas Balancing Agreements
  • Gas Contracts
  • Gas Storage Contracts
  • Gas Rights
  • Lease Terms
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Mineral Rights
  • Mineral Titles
  • Oil Rights
  • Operating Agreement Disputes
  • Property Rights
  • Real Estate Property Damage
  • Renewable Energy
  • Right of Way
  • Royalty Ownership
  • Support Agreements
  • Top Leasing

If you have legal questions or concerns regarding energy law in Oklahoma, contact a working interest owner lawyer with Prospective Legal. Opportunists are offering to be agents for large fees to flip oil and gas leases to fracking and shale gas producers. Pipeline companies are seeking easements. Oil and gas contracts and leases in Oklahoma are seldom standard and often complex. It is a prudent decision to pursue experienced counsel and to contact a reliable and trustworthy Oklahoma oil and gas title examination lawyer before you sign any property rights, mineral rights or real estate leasing contract.

The Tulsa energy lawyers at Prospective Legal have represented:

  • Mineral Owners
  • Royalty Owners
  • Working Interest Owners
  • Overriding Royalty Interest Owners
  • Surface Owners
  • Disposal Well Owners
  • Waste Water Transporters
  • Privately Owned Gas Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Service Companies
  • Oil Producers
  • Natural Gas Producers
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • End-Users

The Tulsa energy title lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in their reviews of old and new oil and gas lease forms. The reviews establish enforceability or establish the need for a new or revised lease for:

  • Cash Bonuses
  • Delay Rental
  • Primary Term
  • Protections
  • Secondary Term
  • Shut-In Fees
  • Royalty Percentages
  • Vertical and/or Horizontal Depth Limitation Clauses
  • Warranty of Title Term

The Tulsa renewable energy lawyers at Prospective Legal have the experience in asset protection, wealth management, and assisting individuals in the transference of wealth from generation to generation at the lowest income and estate tax cost. Caney and Woodford Shale royalty and bonus payments are no different. Should you own 5 or 500,000 acres, this Tulsa royalty owner lawyer has the knowledge and experience in working with their clients to develop a plan for future generations to benefit from the transfer of this wealth while minimizing tax implications.

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